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El Dorado County Wine Tour Limo Service for Novato

For the most exotic wine tour in El Dorado, choose Novato Limo Service. We guarantee the best experience. Book a limousine ride or an elegant bus service to enjoy El Dorado wine tour with us. There are 200 astonishing wineries in 13 different regions of El Dorado. Our company is a leading wine tour operator in El Dorado County, and we have experience of more than a decade.

Some of our personal favorites include:

Kaz: Kaz winery is famous for its unique wine that they produce with organic supplies. Kaz winery got the name from its owner- Kaz, and it is a family-run business. Years of experience in winemaking makes Kaz one of the finest janitor and winemaker. He claims that even after drinking his wine in excess there is no hangover. Try the famous Blush Port & Mama Kazzy’s Chocolate Sauce from Kaz on our recommendation.

Mayo Reserve Room: For the exclusive wine collection, Mayo Reserve Room is the best destination. With an array of the most delicate wines in El Dorado, this is a great place to explore. For an amount of $25 one can relish upon the exquisite wine and delicious food combo. Since the place is quite famous, our suggestion is to get a reservation done before the visit. Enjoy the sublime experience here.

Chateau Saint Jean: Chateau Saint Jean gives a chance to explore two beautiful wine tasting rooms. Try the 05 Chardonnay that got “93” from Robert Parker. By paying $15, one can enter the Reserve Room and enjoy being served by “SOB-Sweet Old Bob.” The central tasting room of Chateau Saint Jean has a rare collection of wine, and their fresh and delicious sandwiches are a must try. They also have a private picnic area.

Blackstone: On our suggestion ask for “Malvasia Bianca” at Blackstone. It is one of the incredible boutique wines they have in their collection.